Bristol ABC is trying to raise £60k for people sentenced to prison after the Kill The Bill protests in Bristol in March 2021. As of June 2022, we are supporting 18 people each month who have been imprisoned after the protests.

How do we use the funds?

  • £50 is sent to each prisoner per month for the duration of their sentence. This is for phone credit and essential items in prison.
  • Bristol ABC is also dedicated to raising funds for books, clothes, distance learning courses and helping people’s friends and families visit them. All of these things make prison survivable and keep people connected to their loved ones. Any additional funds we raise will go towards the above. 

This is an overwhelming amount of money to raise but we know that across our networks and communities there are people like you who take action to support those experiencing repression for resisting the Police, Courts and Sentencing Bill and police violence. So please donate what you can and keep sharing this crowdfunder!

How to donate

Donate here:

We encourage you to donate via our crowdfunder if possible, however, if you need an alternative method please email

Regular donations needed

We are currently looking for people with financial resources who can ‘sponsor a prisoner’ by sending them £50 a month. This will take a huge amount of pressure from the group and enable us to support people’s families more. If you are interested please email Thanks for your solidarity!