Update and call for support!

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It’s been a long summer of prisoner support! Please see our chart below with our spending from June – November 2023. We have consistently supported many people moving in and out of prison for resisting the police at the Kill the Bill demonstration in March 2021. We are coming into our third winter and our funds are at their lowest point.

We are relieved that people are steadily finishing their sentences and leaving prison but that doesn’t mean the support stops. Many people need help with living costs, rent and adapting to life outside. As of early December 2023, we are still supporting ten people behind bars for the KTB protests, and several other anarchist prisoners. We support a number of family members to visit their loved ones across the country on a monthly basis. We also continue to purchase books, CDs and clothing for people inside, as well as paying for their monthly canteen costs to enable them to purchase needed things and buy the phone credit they need to stay in touch with their loved ones.

We know it is a financially difficult time for many right now and that fundraising is a constant challenge for many movements for liberation. We appreciate every single donation made and are asking folks to dig deep so that we can keep supporting people held in the state’s cages for fighting back against this world of oppression!

Thank you so much for all your incredible solidarity so far. Don’t miss our lovely merchandise too: https://solidarityapothecary.org/product/queers-hate-prisons/

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

Donation link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ktb-prisoner-support-fund