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Prisoner Writings on Prison Abolition
The Empty Cages Collective and the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England published a joint publication called Prisoner Writings on Prison Abolition in 2018 as part of a International Conference on Prison Abolition. Bristol ABC supported in collating prisoner writings. It aims to centre the experiences of people in prison and their ideas on questioning, resisting and dismantling the prison industrial complex – as well as building a world without prisons. Download here.
How to start an Anarchist Black Cross Group
Bristol ABC contributed to this zine created by ABC groups across Europe. The best defense against repression is preparation. This zine was created to support you to organise where you are and build more resilience to repression in your movements and struggles for liberation. Download here.
Never Alone – A zine about supporting prisoners by those on the outside
A publication produced by Bristol ABC and the Empty Cages Collective. Never Alone was created to give a voice to those that support people in prison. Often invisible, unsupported and unrecognised, thousands of people in the UK, and millions internationally, support friends, family, partners and comrades in prison. Download here.
On the Out – A zine about life after prison
A publication produced by Bristol ABC with articles written by ex-prisoners, looking at life after prison. Including pieces on social control through license conditions, tagging, the emotional affects of repression, how to support someone leaving prison and more. Download here.
Close Supervision Centres – Torture Units in the UK
A collaboratively produced pamphlet from inside and outside the prison walls, for printing and distribution about Close Supervision Centres in the UK prison network. Featuring accounts from John Bowden, a Scottish comrade, Kevan Thakrar and Kyle Major. Download here.
Close Supervision Centres in the UK #2 – A Brief Follow Up

After publishing Close Supervision Centres – Torture Units in the UK in April 2012, we received correspondence from people that had been held in CSCs or who had known family or friends who are or have been. A year on and conditions in the CSCs are no better. This is a brief follow up to serve as an accompanying publication to the original, keeping information coming out about what is going on. With letters from inside the CSC system and articles and responses from people that have been struggling against this ugly regime, this follow up publication updates news of the continuing struggle and provides up to date addresses to contact the contributors. Download here.
Revolutionary Prisoners in Chile – July 2012
This pamphlet is a list of revolutionary prisoners that remain kidnapped by the $hilean States. This list is a translation that was made in July 2012, it is constantly updated at Liberacion Total due to the transportation and living circumstances of the prisoners. We recall the situation of some comrades who remain underground, among them Carlos Gutierrez (Charged in the “Security Case”), Diego Rios and Gabriela Curilem. We hope to never have to add them to this list and that they never have to walk in the prison.  Download here.

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Prisoner and Defendant Support Groups in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland

Abolitionist & Anti-Prison Campaigns & Collectives

  • Community Action on Prison Expansion: grassroots network organising against prison expansion and 18,000 new prison places across England –
  • Anti-Carceral Solidarity: prisoner support, action alerts & fundraising for people imprisoned across the UK –
  • Abolitionist Futures: a collaboration of community organisers and activists in Britain and Ireland who are working together to build a future without prisons, police and punishment –
  • No More Exclusions: an abolitionist grassroots coalition movement in education
  • Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association: grassroots campaign supporting prisoners and their families affected by joint enterprise legislation –
  • Cradle Community: Abolitionists and authors of “Brick by Brick: How we build a world without prisons” –
  • Sisters Uncut: Feminist group taking direct action for domestic and sexual violence services –

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