Report of a demo at Cardiff Probation Office for Toby Shone & an info night this Sunday

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On March 6th 2024, anarchists demonstrated outside Cardiff Probation Office to show their solidarity with Toby Shone as his parole pre-hearing meeting approaches. For the last 3 and a half years, probation officers including Lewis Thomas, Ashley Fussell, Gillian O’Brien, and Paul Smith amongst others at Cardiff probation office have collaborated with police such as Philip Gay at the National Security Division (NSD) and SouthWest Counter Terror Police (SWCTP) to target Toby for his anarchist beliefs and his alternative lifestyle. The UK police state is trying to criminalise such beliefs.

Toby was initially arrested on terrorism charges related to the website. This case fell apart the day before the trial in 2021. The Crown Prosecution Service had no evidence to offer the court. He was instead sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for a minor drugs charge. Released on licence in December 2022, Toby was recalled to prison on 19th September 2023 after attending a prisoner letter-writing night and dinner at the anarchist social centre BASE in Bristol. This meeting was being watched by two Counter Terror Officers. Toby’s licence conditions prevented him from contributing to or organising events at places like BASE. They also included a gagging order to prevent him speaking out about his case and his licence conditions. His attendance at this event was not a breach of his conditions but was used by his probation team, the National Security Division (NSD) and Southwest Counter Terror Police (SWCTP) to justify his renewed incarceration in a long-term high security prison 170 miles away from his home. Isolating him from his community and loved ones by sending him out of his area and by censoring his mail is a stated aim in police and probation paperwork and Toby’s treatment is apparently being signed off personally by the Secretary of State for Justice Alex Chalk.

Red and black smokies were set off, flyers were distributed inside the probation offices and to people in the street and comrades spoke in support of Toby and demanded his freedom from this revenge recall and from the whole rotten prison industrial complex including the probation service.

Infonight: Sunday 17th March

An infonight at BASE about the anarchist prisoner Toby Shone.

6.30pm Vegan dinner (pay what you can)
7.30pm Talk and Q&A followed by solidarity banner and card writing.

Come and join us for the Sunday cafe and a short talk and Q&A session on Toby’s situation and the implications for all who resist. Toby has been targeted and punished by the UK state for being an anarchist and showing defiance in the face of heavy state attacks and repression. Last year he was sent to a high security prison 170 miles from his home after attending a discussion event at BASE. The authorities say this was a breach of his licence conditions. They are intent on isolating him from his community and breaking his fighting spirit. They will not succeed. An attack on one is an attack on us all. For revolutionary solidarity until all are free.

There will be cards to write messages of solidarity to send to Toby. We will also do a solidarity banner photo outside BASE so please bring what you need (eg mask if wish to remain anonymous) if you would like to be part of that.

✊Soldarity with Toby

🖤Solidarity with all imprisoned comrades