Acquittal of an anarchist accused of bank robbery in Aachen!

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On 8 December, the Aachen court acquitted a Dutch anarchist accused of a bank robbery in Aachen in 2013. Almost 60 people were present in court to show their support. The judge refused to allow the public prosecutor’s claim of the presence of the anarchist in the bank that morning of 3 years ago (read more). However, the prosecutor has already announced that he is appealing the judgment to the Review Tribunal. This now means that another judge will re-examine the whole case to see if there were any procedural errors or inconsistencies in the reasons of the first judges. If this court finds errors, the trial should be redone before the court of Aachen, but with a different judge. If such prosecution fails, these charges and legal proceedings would be terminated.

Remember that two other anarchists are still in pre-trial detention, accused of another bank robbery committed in Aachen, this time in 2014. Their trial will begin at the end of January.

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