Amadeu Casellas sentenced to three years for drug trafficking

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Only two months after releasing him, the Court of Barcelona has sentenced anarchist ex-prisoner Amadeu Casellas and what they refer to as his wife Yamileth B.P. to three years and a 2,400 Euros fine for attempting to smuggle heroin into Quatre Camins prison.

Casellas was in prison for over 25 years, till April 2010. He was jailed for the first time in 1979 after a series of bank robberies. He is widely known for his anarchist views and undertook several hunger strikes to protest against prison conditions. He has denied the charges and has also denied being married to Y.B.P., whom he says has been used.

In a recent communiqué Casellas states “As usual, it seems I always get to know what’s going on in my life through the media first. Some friends called me to tell me the sentence had been published by the agency Europa Press (read the article here). My lawyer, Maite Fernández, had tried to get in touch with me but couldn’t as I was working.
The Court of Barcelona has sentenced me to three years for crimes against public health. Three years of prison because they say that together with Y.B.P., a friend of mine who’s had the same sentence, we tried to smuggle heroin into Quatre Camins prison. Let me laugh…! (…)
The Court didn’t even allow my laywer to investigate the telephone calls made by me and by the unknown person who supposedly gave Y.B.P. the heroin bags intended for me. The Court doesn’t consider relevant that the tests done on the substance in the bags said the first time that it was was white and recognised as cocaine, and the second time that it was brown and recognised as heroin. How pathetic.
Even more pathetic was the prosecutor’s attitude. She asked me if I used heroin and when I replied I didn’t, she said it didn’t matter anyway as the bags were intented to be smuggled into the prison, therefore she didn’t care about the truth, she only wanted to sentence me. Their fascist system doesn’t look for the truth, it only wants to get rid of all Anarchist Movement. I congratulate this fascist prosecutor, but I also would like to remind her that I don’t give up to fascist abuse and this isn’t over. I know that you fascists don’t care about having kidnapped me and kept me in your extermination centres with your cops and guards, and that what you really want is to silence me again, but I’m not afraid of your cops, in or outside the prison – you’re too cowardly to scare me.”

You can read Amadeu’s original communiqué here.