Bristol ABC and the Smash IPP Fortnight of Action

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Bristol ABC are hosting 3 events over the next few weeks as part of the Smash IPP fortnight of action.

More than 3989 people are serving IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentences in British prisons. Five years since the sentence was legally abolished, thousands still languish in jails with no release date. Parole board delays, prison overcrowding, and sheer neglect is leading to unprecedented rates of prisoner suicides and self-harm. 80% are over tariff and desperate to be free. THIS FORTNIGHT IS FOR THEM. For more info on the fortnight see here.

Events in the Bristol Area include:

*IPP Solidarity Letter Writing: We will be writing and making cards to send to IPP prisoners in the UK. Help send strength to people surviving the prison system! Solidarity is power – show them they are not alone. Event Link.

*Bristol Probation Office Demo: Since it’s privatisation, the Probation Service is recalling 50 times more people back to prison. Probation Officers play an integral role in controlling the lives of IPPs. We need to show IPPs they are not alone and that the Probation Service, who profit from this system, is responsible for this suffering too! Smash IPP! Set them Free! Event Link.

*Noise Demo at HMP Erlestoke: 1 in 5 of the prisoners at HMP Erlestoke are IPP’s. They are living a nightmare, never knowing when they will be free no matter how many of the ministry of justices ‘hoops’ they jump through. Join us to make some noise and show these prisoners that they have not been forgotten and that we are fighting to set them free. Collective transport will be organised from Bristol, email for a place. Event Link.