Bristol ABC statement about the death of IPP prisoner Keith Gadd, who took his own life at HMP Bristol last week

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Another IPP prisoner took their own life last Thursday 9th March, at HMP Bristol.

Keith Gadd took his own life, after he was turned down for release. Something which we’re sure had happened to him countless times before. 

We are writing this statement to remember Keith, and express anger and rage at HMP and the Ministry of Justice over his death. 

People who have been given IPPs, or Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection, do not have a set release date. In effect IPP sentences are the equivalent of a life sentence for minor crimes. They mean psychological torture for the people who are serving them. 

The IPP sentence was abolished in 2012, but not retrospectively. The government only intended to give out 900 of these sentences but 8711 were dished out in the time before it was abolished. And still today thousands of people remain in prison, or at perpetual risk of an indefinite recall, as a result of being given an IPP.

IPP’s have the highest rates of self harm and suicide of any group of people in prison, including lifers. At least 81 IPP prisoners have taken their own lives, after giving up hope of ever being released and 255 IPP prisoners have died in prison.

Deaths in custody in Bristol: 

Keith’s death is just the latest death in Bristol’s prisons.

Some of us knew Taylor, who took his own life at Bristol’s HMP Eastwood Park on 9th July 2022 – after serving over 14 years of an IPP sentence. Shortly before he killed himself, Taylor was beaten savagely by prison officers. Read ABC’s statement here –

Clare Dupree died after a fire in her cell at Eastwood Park after a fire on December 26th, other prisoners heard her scream for the screws to help her, but they say the door was not opened. You can read our statement here –

Another prisoner called Kayleigh took her own life last year, after she too was brutally beaten by officers at Eastwood Park

Not one more death

We will not accept the continued deaths in custody in our community. Keith – like Taylor, Clare and Kayleigh – was murdered by the state. We call on our comrades to take action wherever they are, and in whatever way they see fit, to remember those who have died in prison, and to avenge their deaths. It is up to us to show our rage against this murderous system.

We know that what’s happening in Bristol, is a microcosm of the suffering caused by the carceral system globally. We would like to send a message of solidarity to all those struggling for the abolition of this system. 

We would like to show solidarity and support to Keith’s family and friends, if you knew Keith we invite you contact us at

Smash IPP

Abolish HMP 

No-one forgotten, nothing forgiven 

Bristol ABC