Call for Emergency Solidarity with Sean Swain

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Those of us who are friends or comrades of Sean Swain – anarchist and prison rebel in the Ohio dungeon of Warren CI – are facing a terrible riddle.  As described in a January 12th message, Sean has been on hunger strike since the end of December, against severe restrictions that the ODRC and its director, Greg C. Mohr, have imposed on him.  Precisely for the reason of these restrictions, we have no clear picture of his current situation.  But we do know that he has continued his hunger strike well past the release of the January 12th statement, and it’s very likely he remains on hunger strike.  He lost nearly 30 pounds as of two weeks ago.

It’s vital that we break down the walls that isolate him as he slowly starves.   He is likely approaching day 35 on strike, the stage when his life – which he is wagering not only on his own behalf but as a contribution to the global anarchist combat against domination – is in direct jeopardy.  Minimally, continue calling the numbers listed below, and demand that the administrators restore his access to communication.  Beyond that, consider more ambitious and thoughtful contributions to solidarity.

Deputy Director of Operations Casey Barr (513) 932-3388 ext. 2005

Warden’s Assistant Greg Kraft (513) 932-3388 ext. 2010

January 12th call

We received word recently from a friend of Sean’s that Sean is currently on hunger strike and has been placed in a suicide cell.

Although details are still murky, we know that Sean has been without food since December 26th. He was charged with extortion of a deputy warden and had begun a disciplinary process when he began his hunger strike and was placed in a suicide cell.

We know that the prison is recognizing his hunger strike and following the associated procedures, which include taking him to the medical unit every day and weighing him and taking his vital signs. It is unclear whether they are attempting to negotiate with him in any way.

Please take a moment to write a letter of encouragement to Sean and to call the  following prison administrators and encourage them to negotiate with Sean and help him end this hunger strike as quickly as possible.

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