Call for solidarity with anti-fascist imprisoned in Sweden

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In August 2014 the nazi group “the swedes’ party” had a meeting in
Limhamn, sweden.  During the counter demonstrations, anti-fascists were
attacked by cops. The cops brutally ran people down with horses and
drove people over with their vans. Many anti-fascists were badly injured
and some hospitalised. Several anti-fascists were arrested, and ten
people were later sentenced for rioting. Most of these people have
already served their sentences, but one of the convicted people chose to
not cooperate with the legal system and skipped prison by not showing up
when they were supposed to begin their prison sentence [1].  In the
beginning of July 2017, two years after they were convicted, they were
unfortunately arrested in a routine control and are now serving a four
month long prison sentence.

The reaction by the state and the cops toward this counter-demonstration
is another clear example of how they not only protect nazis, but also
provide a platform for fascist bigotry and call it “freedom of speech”.
And at the same time, close down the possibilities to protest and
demonstrate against fascist violences in society. This was evident not
least during the so called “super election year” in 2014 (where there
was an election both to the EU parliament as well as to the parliament
of Sweden). During this year we saw how there was an increase in heavy
repression toward people not a part of the White/European order,
including anti-fascists. This is the state’s attempt to make us stop
resisting and this is also why it is so important to make sure that
those who are subject to repression, facing controls, prison sentences,
fines etc are not left alone to deal with it. Together we can share
these responsibilities, and take care of each other.

For our friend in prison, money for rent, bills and other things are
needed. The consequences of a prison sentence does not end at the date
of release, the economic pressure lasts for a long time after that. Help
out if you can by sending money:

by Swish to this (Swedish) number:

or by cash to:
FTP, Bristol ABC, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JZ

You can also send letters to: ABC Malmö, Poststugan 286, 211 65 Malmö,
Sweden – if you mark the letter with “ftp”, it will be forwarded to the
person being held in prison. [please note so far items other than
letters ie books, pens, even pictures, are not getting through – but if
it doesn’t during the sentence they should receive everything on

* the info above can be found in Swedish @

[1] In Sweden, for some shorter sentences a person does not go straight
from court to jail, there is a period after court where they must comply
with meetings with the prison service and then ‘voluntarily’ take
themselves to prison at an arranged date to serve their sentence.