Bust Cards

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If arrested: Don’t PANIC

  • You are not alone and it’s not the end of the world!
  • Say “no comment” to ALL police questions. Even during ‘casual chats’. Whatever police say, there is no legal requirement to talk to them.
  • You have the right to free legal advice at the police station. Avoid the duty solicitor. We recommend:

KELLYS (BRIGHTON): 01273 674898

  • You also have the right to have someone else told you’ve been arrested. We suggest you use this to contact us so we can arrange support:

SAM ELLIOT (BDS) : 07510 283424
…and remember to let us know when you’re released!

  • You have the right to know why you’re being arrested
  • You don’t have to give your details, but without a verifiable name + address you may get held longer.
  • You will be searched and police are entitled to take photos, fingerprints and a DNA sample (using “reasonable” force if you don’t comply).
  • If you have any injuries, ask for an independent doctor to record and photograph them.
  • You have the right to read your rights while in the police station – ask for the “PACE code of practice”
  • You have a right to an interpreter if English is not your first language
  • If you are under 18 (or appear to be):
    • an “appropriate adult” should be called
    • you can’t be interviewed without that person there
    • if the police can’t contact a relative or carer, they may call the local Youth Offending Team (YOT), which can cause problems with social services
    • ongoing legal advice is always free (‘legal aid’)
    • if referred to a YOT, get legal advice from Kellys

Legal information for demonstrations:

Better safe than sorry – write this on your arm:
Bristol Defendant Solidarity – 07510 283424
If arrested, say NO COMMENT to all police questions

  • There are no “friendly” chats with the police. They cannot be trusted. Avoid talking to them; everything you say can be used as evidence or intelligence against you or others.
  • Police can demand removal of masks, but only if a section 60/60AA order is in place.
  • See an arrest? Write down the details and call us. Be careful what you say on the phone; we can arrange to meet in person. Don’t publish anything online without the arrested person’s consent.

If searched (‘stop and search’)…

  • you don’t have to answer questions
  • you don’t have to give details – unless driving (name, address + DOB), or if police “reasonably believe” you have committed “anti­social behaviour” (name + address).
  • you have the right to know the name of the cop searching you, their reason and what law (‘search power’) they are using.

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