BDS statement for Anna

Our comrade Anna died in courageous struggle fighting against great odds. We miss her – we are sad and full of rage for the loss. She was part of us and has left an indelible mark. Part of her lives on with us and reminds us to hone and target our struggle against oppression… guided by the love for comrades near and far.


We are so very sad at the loss of our great comrade, Anna. Anna’s willingness to put herself on the front line against state oppression at Dale Farm, Calais and of course in Afrin is well documented.

However, her commitment went beyond that and included the ‘quiet work’ she put into Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS). She was a very incredible and powerful woman! She gave so much of her time and effort to our group, doing all she could to support defendants facing attacks from the legal system and prisoners held captive by the state.

You could always rely on Anna to get things done and to be there at the heart of our organising and our struggle. She also recognised the efforts of others which helped to support and build revolutionary community. Whether it was writing, postering, leafletting, making banners, attending court, listening to defendant’s fears and needs, organising demos or fundraisers, providing practical support to those facing trial or in prison and so much more, Anna was always there. In the face of it all, Anna often seemed to have plenty of energy and a cheery and good humoured approach to doing all she could to work for revolutionary change.

We always knew, and are now seeing the extent of how her involvement with BDS was just one small part of her efforts.

We think Anna’s strength and determination came from her love for all things free, for the people around her and in the struggle to make things better fighting oppression. She was determined. She read so much of the struggles of revolutionaries before her and she knew that she was on the right path in life. Her solid commitment and motivation was always and continues to be an inspiration to us all.


Let’s carry on where she left off.

Rest In Power, Anna.