Support and Solidarity

Show your solidarity & support – some things you can do

  • Spread the word that support is available, distro the poster and the info below. If anyone you know is in trouble get them to contact BDS, or contact BDS on their behalf.
  • If you have friends in trouble then help them out practically, emotionally and physically. Go to the police station and court with them. Write to people remanded or sent to prison – check out our prisoner list, on the main page, for more information about them.
  • Counter the media & police hysteria and spin. Argue the points onlineĀ  at websites such as Bristol Indymedia and Bristol Evening Post. Keep an eye on the police website, and on Bristol Indymedia for legal updates.
  • Put on a fundraiser/benefit night for BDS. Funds are used to print up info; help people & their families with travel expenses; send money into prisoners; and so on. Contact BDS if you can make a donation.
  • Take action to support defendants…insert your own ideas here!

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  1. Hi, I’d really appreciate you guys contacting me. I’m looking to go down on the first of November for ‘assaulting a policeman’ (pushing one away as he was punching my friend). I’ve not been inside before and am proverbially bricking I’d appreciate your support during these times.

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