End the Prisons Podcast and Anarchist Radio Network

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So the Anarchist Radio Network just released the first episode of its
international news show “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”!

The network website (http://a-radio-network.org) is not ready yet, but
will be up very soon. You’ll find the audio here:

„B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world“ is a monthly news
program from the international network of anarchist and
antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from
different parts of the world. As an international network of radio
projects, we believe in the importance of international solidarity. And
we also recognize the importance and the need to create and disseminate
our own media and counterinformation.

On another note, this prison abolition podcast is well worth a listen.

Ray Filar is joined by Sam Lamble and Kuchenga to discuss prison abolition, racialised capitalism, transformative justice and Orange is the New Black.