Greek Solidarity

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1968_fight-nowThe rebellion by Greek youth, students, workers and migrant workers & immigrants that began on 6 December 2008, following the murder in Athens of a 15 year old youth by police officers, has generated a lot of interest across Bristol and the UK. There has also been some solidarity action in Bristol, graffiti and posters have been seen around town, and persons unknown have claimed on Bristol Indymedia four solidarity attacks on police stations/vehicles.

Bristol Solidarity gig – 3 January from 8pm

A number of punk bands have organised a Greek solidarity/benefit gig for Greek prisoners & defendants at The Chelsea pub, on Chelsea Road, Easton BS5.
Bands include Disorder and Belladonna. Support the gig and donate generously!

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Unsurprisingly, in Greece the state has reacted with mass arrests, increased harassment of migrant workers and refugees, and police brutality. There has also been evidence of collusion between Greek cops and the neo-fascist groups, and of course the use of agent provocateurs.

Info on Greek arrests for 6 to 21 December:

Info on Greek New Years Eve prisoner solidarity actions:

Use of counter-terrorism laws against school students in Larisa, Greece:

Info on migrant & refugee resistance & support:

Bristol ABC supports calls for the dropping of ALL charges against those arrested, and the immediate release of ALL people detained by the Greek state.

The Greek Embassy in London:

General background info on Greek rebellion: