Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone moved to HMP Garth

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Imprisoned anarchist Toby Shone has been moved 265 kilometres from his
home in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and nearly 300 kilometres from
support in Bristol to HMP Garth in Leyland, a high security prison near
Manchester. Despite being in the resettlement part of his sentence, a
vengeful probation and counter-terror team are attempting to isolate
Toby from his perceived support base and loved ones in the south of the
country and deliberately place him at risk of harm in a notoriously
violent Category B prison for those serving sentences of 10 years or
more. Probation has demanded Toby serve the rest of his sentence which
is just short of 13 months, due for release on 11 November 2024.

Toby was imprisoned in Wandsworth, Bristol and G4S Prison Parc for
nearly two years accused of being the administrator of
counter-information project After the political
prosecution failed and the cops had to drop the case 5 days before trial
in October 2021, Toby received a sentence of 3 years 9 months for
possession of psychedelic medicines. He was released on 28 December 2022
under heavy restrictions (license conditions) overseen by a multi-agency
team (MAPPA) including the National Security Division (counter-terror)
and was forced to live in a filthy bail hostel in Gloucester for 9
months. He had just moved back into a flat in the Forest of Dean in
Gloucestershire when, on the morning of 19 September 2023, he was pulled
over and arrested by an armed police unit a few miles from the city of
Gloucester. He was accused of being in possession of an unauthorised
phone and attending a dinner and prisoner letter writing night at BASE
anarchist social centre in Bristol in August.

Toby continues to be held as a TACT (Terrorist) prisoner despite being
proclaimed Not Guilty of any terrorist offence by a High Court Judge in
a court of law in October 2021.

Toby is in great spirits as ever and requests letters and emails. Emails
are getting through very quickly on (please get him a
reply sheet). You can also write to him at:

Toby Shone A7645EP
HMP Garth
Ulnes Walton
PR26 8NE

If anyone in the north of the country would like to visit Toby, please
contact his soli group at

Books must be ordered and sent direct from Waterstones, Blackwells,
Wordery, WH Smiths, Foyles and Mr B’s Emporium Bookshop.