Solidarity demands from Jock Palfreeman

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G’day mates! 27/01/12

For those of you who can make it, 15th March, Bulgarian Embassy, 11am-2pm, London.

Dear Comrades at ABC Brizzle,

As of around August 2011 I have been convicted without right of appeal in the highest court of Bulgaria. I was left with a 20 year sentence in maximum security prison. However, what did change in the court’s decision was that unlike the first court’s verdict, the court of appeal ruled that there were Roma present and there was a “physical fight between the Roma and the group of boys”. Seeing as the roma were 2 and the group of boys were 15 the use of the word “fight” is being stretched. The neo-nazis from South Division Levski Ultras have denied that there was a “fight” with Roma and even deny that Roma were there at all. Yet the appeal court although contradicting the nweo-nazis on this point went on to claim that the statements from the neo-nazis were truthful. Strangely, the crux of the prosecutor’s arguments was that there was no fight betwen the neop-nazis and the roma and there weren’t even Roma there, hence the accusation against me that I attacked them without cause. This was also the excuse given by the investigator and prosecutor for not bringing the Roma to court as witnesses. Now however the court has ruled that Roma were there and that yes there was a physical fight between the roma and the neo-nazis, but the court stops short at discreditting the neo-nazis as witnesses and made no attempt to find these “new” witnesses. Until today the only evidence used to proseucte me were the statements from the neo-nazis themselves. There is no other collaborating evidence or witnesses to the indictment or court findings that I “for no reason attacked 15 men with the intent to kill them.”

I have not changed my explanation of events from the beginning, and they remain the same after 4 years of being kidnapped by the Bulgarian state, that is that I witnessed the 15 neo-nazis all attack 2 Roma due to the colour of their skin, I intervened to defend the 2 Roma, the 15 neo-nazis then attacked me and I defended myself.

For these reasons and many more we are trying to revitalise the solidarity movement with my case and all the connotations that my case involves ie. racismn, violent neo-nazi gangs and their mates who defend them in the corrupt police, corrupt courts and the corrupt prisons system. The neo-nazis wouldn’t be able to attack people on the streets if it wasn;t for the protection offered them by the police and courts. It’s telling when hundereds of the state’s agents are needed to stop me, a lone individual. however, against their hundreds I have mortality, I am right and they are in the wrong and this is why it takes so many of them.

I am putting out a call to action to all those opposed to racism both on the street and in it’s institutionalized form of fascism. This March 2012 organise yourselves to the Bulgarian embassies or consuls in your cities. Let the Bulgarian state know that the matter is yet settled and that you don’t recognise the court’s decision to incarcerate me and protect the racists.

I am also trying to transfer to Australia so as be closer to my family and to escape the persecution against me by the prisons administration at the behest of those connected with my case, yet the Head Prosecutor-Boris Velchev and his lap dog prosecutor Krassimira Velcheva have alread tried to coerce me into retracting my transfer request. I refused to retract my request and as such the Prosecutor’s Office of Bulgaria is refusing to answer my rquests based on Bulgarian laws to transfer to Australia.

March 2012 solidarity demands are:
-Jock’s case is re-opened due to missing evidence primarily the two Roma witnesses/victims
-The neo-nazis are punished for their past race hate crimes and prevented from committing more
-Jock is allowed to transfer to Australia and all foreigners who wish to transfer to their countries

Letters of demand can be sent to the following relevant addresses:

-Head prosecutor of Bulgaria, Boris Velchv, No.2 Vitosha Boulevard, Sfoai 1061 Bulgaria
-Directorate of International Legal Assistance and European Integration, Krassimira Velcheva No.2 Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia 1061 Bulgaria
-Minister for Justice, Diana Kovacheva, No.1 Slavanska Street, Sofia 1040, Bulgaria
-Prime Minister if Bulgaria, Boiko Borrisov, No.2 Dondukov street, Sofia 1123, Bulgaria
-President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneviev, No.2 Slavanska street, Sofia 1040 Bulgaria
-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, No.29 “6th September” street, Sofia 1000 Bulgaria

Solidarity to all my comrades both outside and inside!

Jock Palfreeman