Monthly meeting Wednesday 21st May

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Bristol ABC / Letters I Wish I'd Written meeting
21st May
Kebele Social Centre
14 Robertson Road, BS5

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided

Bristol ABC, in conjunction with the Letters I Wish I'd
Written group,is having it's regular monthly meeting this
Wednesday at the Kebele Social Centre. 

Contact information for prisoners requesting support
will be available, as well as postcards, envelopes and

Everyone is welcome - please join us to write much
needed letters of solidarity to prisoners
throughout Europe and North America.
There are several anti-fascist prisoners seeking
support, so we especially need people who can
write in Italian, Greek, Czech and Russian.

We also welcome any ideas for support campaigns
as well as suggestions for the long-running
campaign to support the Angola 3 in the
United States.

Please email if you've got
any questions about the meeting or are unable to
attend but would like us to
pass on news about prisoner support campaigns and events.