New KTB Prisoners Solidarity T-shirt – Pre-order now!

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“For a world beyond mass incarceration and the criminalisation of everyday life”

The t-shirt is 100% organic and sweatshop free. This is a pre-order. All t-shirts will be shipped by the end of July. Please order by 19th July.

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T-shirts are sliding scale from £10-£25. Use the code SOLI15 for £15 or SOLI10 for £10.

About the Kill The Bill Prisoners

17 people have been sent to prison so far after the Kill the Bill demonstration in Bristol in March 2021. They are serving sentences between 3-14 years.

Police clashed with protesters against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (policing bill) outside Bristol’s Bridewell Police station. The night ended with several police vehicles on fire and demonstrators breaching police lines to break through the windows of the station. The police brutally attacked the demonstrators, hitting them over the heads with batons and the edges of their riot shields.

Throughout the coming months, more and more people will be imprisoned after resisting police violence.

All income from t-shirts will go to Bristol Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) who is dedicated to supporting them financially, practically and politically throughout their sentences. Bristol ABC is in the process of fundraising £60k for KTB Prisoners.

£50 is sent to each prisoner per month for the duration of their sentence. This is for phone credit and essential items in prison. Bristol ABC is also raises funds for books, clothes, CDs, distance learning courses and helping people’s friends and families visit them. All of these things make prison survivable and keep people connected to their loved ones.

Communities across the UK face violence at the hands of the police every day, but they only call it violence when we fight back! We need to support those that have fought back and show those in prison that they are never alone and not forgotten.

Support the Kill The Bill Prisoners!

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Kevan Action Alert 1

Action Alert: HMP Belmarsh – Stop Racist Officer Abusing Kevan Thakrar

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Do the action alert here:

Dog handler Halles has been harassing, and racially abusing Kevan Thakrar in the HMP Belmarsh segregation unit through intentionally depriving him of sleep by shouting racist abuse at him during the night and by being physically aggressive during searches.

On 19th June, the abusive behaviour escalated. Halles tried to provoke Kev into a physical fight by conducting the pat-down search aggressively. When Kev didn’t reply, Halles pushed him over and 7 officers rushed into his cell.

Conducting pat-down searches is not the job of dog-handlers. Halles is intentionally using these searches as an opportunity to be aggressive towards Kevan.

On the 20th June Halles came to Kev’s cell again. With 6 other officers without body-worn cameras. They are intent on provoking Kev to create the opportunity to physically brutalise him.

The prison is aware of this harassment: they claim to be investigating Halles’ behaviour yet continue to give him access to Kevan.

The situation is escalating and being ignored by HMP. As usual, there is no accountability for HMP staff allowing them to continually abuse prisoners.

Support Matt – New Address

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Matt has been moved! His new address is: Matthew O’Neill A1596CT
HMP Guys Marsh, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 0AH

Please keep writing to him and showing him your support!

Support Wayne!

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Bristol ABC and friends are trying to raise some money to support a specific person in urgent need for funds right now.

Please donate to Wayne’s crowdfunder here:

Wayne is a Black trans-masc prisoner that has just been released after spending 3 years inside a woman’s prison. The UK prisons have rising cases in abuse and discrimination towards trans prisoners and Wayne was often found hurt at the hands of officers. You can read more about the issues faced by trans prisoners here.  Since being out of prison the probation officers at the bail house have already tried to push to send Wayne back to prison although he hasn’t breached his licence conditions.

Funds will be used toward securing housing for Wayne so we can keep him out of prison where he is likely to experience even more transphobic violence. 

Since being out of prison Wayne has been instantly expected to pay rent in bail house, although they are struggling to get basics like food and clothes, to get them self back on their feet feeling brighter.

The strict curfew time they put on people (7-7) when they exit prison ensures it’s almost impossible to find a job, and we want to support Wayne having breathing time away from stress with finances to allow him to digest and adapt from the last three years inside.

We want to support Wayne in ensuring they can pay their bail house rent and find a safe place to live in a house share (including deposit money). This is a country wide issue that people face when exiting prison, the prison system makes it extremely difficult to exist outside of prison for the first few vital months outside offering no money or basics to allow people to heal.

This would make a huge difference to Wayne and ensure he feels safe and supported by us and you. We are looking to raise 2k as housing costs in Bristol are on the rise and with convictions and no job it’s almost impossible to be accepted for a property without at minimum deposit and first months rent put forward.

Finding that for Wayne would be amazing.

Thanks to anyone who donates or shares 🙂

Toby Shone statement for June 11th

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We will have to go to sea and embark on a journey into the unknown. It is up to us to choose the course from the march. We are free to make mistakes.” Gustavo Rodriguez – ‘Brief Informative Report About The Weather’.

An embrace of life, fire and complicity to all imprisoned anarchist comrades for this June 11th. I have been invited to participate by the comrades in North America, for which they have my thanks and agreement. Whilst I am not condemned to a particularly long sentence, I faced well over a decade at my trial last October in “Operation Adream” and next week I will go to trial again in Bristol on the 6th of May. This time the “anti-terrorist” prosecutors demand up to five years house arrest and special surveillance, which could see me returning to prison frequently. It also has a precedent for the rest of the anarchist space in the UK if the State is successful. International mobilisations are essential for learning about and combining our shared struggles. Opening a space for discussion and praxis enables us to escape the walls and barbed wire which divides and isolates us. I’m locked up for 23 hours a day in a solitary cell, subject to enhanced monitoring and censorship, categorised as “high risk” and placed on the “escape list”. I could not care less. I will leave this place without stepping back one millimetre.

One who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – F. Nietzsche.

There are storms gathering on the horizon.

Toby Shone

Written on the eve of Revolutionary 1st of May, 2022. G4S Parc, UK.

J11 Letter from Kevan Thakrar

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I have been wrongly imprisoned since September 2007 when I aged just 20 years old, and subsequently subjected to a miscarriage of justice which resulted in the infliction of a life sentence with a minimum tariff of 35 years for joint enterprise murder. As it was said in court that I was not convicted for firing the gun responsible for the crime, it is difficult to comprehend how such a sentence can be deemed to be justified.

While actively working to appeal this injustice, I was attacked by prison guards at HMP Frankland with racist motives. As well as for being a person of colour, they also took a dislike to me assisting other prisoners to combat the oppression of the system such as by helping to prepare defences for internal prison disciplinary proceedings, and drafting complaints for the wrongdoing they suffered. After I unsuccessfully attempted to defend myself against this racist gang of prison guards, they concocted false allegations leading to me being wrongly charged with multiple counts of attempted murder against the culprits. I was immediately relocated to solitary confinement, and despite being vindicated by the unanimous Criminal Court verdicts of Not Guilty which subsequently followed I have remained within these conditions managed within what is known as the Close Supervision Centre (CSC)1 ever since.

As I go into my thirteenth year of Solitary Confinement, I see more and more how the support from those outside the walls have empowered me to continue to resist and battle against the oppressors. Although people cannot always see the results of their solidarity with those of us locked away, I can assure you that all of your efforts are always well received and appreciated and urge you to do what you can to help bring about a world without prisons. Although abolition is the objective, providing energy to those of us doing what we can to achieve this is just as valuable as standing on the front line. Sending letters, emails, stamps, and even photos through the mail or by using services like and all help, so thank you for doing what you can.

To read more, please visit

Kevan Thakrar


Segregation Unit

HMP Belmarsh

Western Way



1 See CSC Torture Units in the UK:

Stop the photocopying and destruction of prisoner mail at HMP Eastwood Park

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Action Alert:

Prisoners have been informed that all mail (letters, cards, drawings) received from friends, family or others will no longer be given directly to them. Instead, prisoners will receive photocopies of their mail. They were informed that the original copies will either be destroyed or posted to a person nominated by the prisoner at the prisoners expense.

We are asking you to put pressure on HMP Eastwood Park in order to retract this decision and to allow prisoners to continue receiving their original mail as they have done so for decades past.

* This is an unnecessary and punitive measure that only harms women and others in Eastwood Park.

* People in prison cannot afford to pay additional postage costs for it to be kept.

* It is a violation of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act “Everyone has the right to respect for his of her private and family life, home and correspondence.”

* A large majority of women and others in Eastwood Park are mothers and parents – communication with their children is vital. Receiving ‘real-life’ materials e.g. drawings from children is essential to their mental health, well-being and relationships.

* Scanning and photocopying mail is an act of surveillance that leads to further criminalisation.

* There is no guarantee of the quality of the photocopies – many are unreadable.  

* Eastwood Park is already slow at processing prisoner mail due to staff shortages. Any further delays to the mail process are unacceptable and will harm people.

* The prison is using the guise of ‘spice’ and illicit substances, however, there is little to no evidence to show that intercepting prisoner mail reduces the inflow of substances into the prison. Officer corruption, passing via visits and other measures are far more evidenced routes for drug entry into prisons.

* People in prison depend on post. It is a key tool in preventing self-harm.

If this measure is not withdrawn, we will be forced to take further legal action.

Take action now:

Support Matt

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Matt has been sentenced to 5 years in prison after the Kill the Bill demonstration in Bristol in March 2021. Show him that he is not alone! If you are against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, please support people now imprisoned for fighting back against police violence.

Write to Matt: Matthew O’Neil A1596CT, HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Road, BS7 8PS or use