Operation Pinata: Five comrades imprisoned, ten conditionally bailed, address for three of the prisoners

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Early afternoon on Wednesday 1st April, the judge of the Audiencia Nacional [National High  Court] Eloy Velasco, remanded in prison 5 of the 15 individuals arrested on Monday 30th March during the police operation named Piñata. 24 others were arrested during the 17 raids, which took place in Madrid, Barcelona, Palencia and Granada, for “disobedience and resistance”, who were then subsequently released.

The judge remanded in prison the following comrades:
Paul Jara Cevallos* (Madrid),
Jorge Linares Izquierdo (Madrid),
Javier García Castro* (Madrid),
Javier Grijalbo Adan (Palencia)
Enrique Balaguer Pérez* (Madrid)

*Prison address at the end of the article

The 10 others (three from Barcelona and seven in Madrid) were released on conditional bail under judicial supervision (passport confiscation, ban on leaving the territory, and to sign-on every 15 days). They remain accused of belonging to GAC [Coordinated Anarchist Groups, see preface to the booklet ‘Against Democracy‘ for more info].

The five remanded are all charged with participating in a terrorist organisation (of an ” insurrectionist-anarchist” orientation, extol the newspapers) or the offense of “criminal organisation” under Article 570bis of the Criminal Code, with the aggravating circumstance “of subverting public order and seriously disrupting the social peace.” The name of this organisation is the Coordinated Anarchist Groups  (GAC), which is accused of “promotion and the coordination of sabotage”, including 113 ATMs in February 2015, and to be possibly linked to incendiary attacks against the Basilica–Pillar Cathedral in Zaragoza (for which Mónica and Francisco have been remanded in preventative detention for over a year) and the Almudena Cathedral  in Madrid (February 7th and October 1st 2013 respectively).

The material items cited by the judge were those found during the raids, such as; “manuals for making explosive devices and guerrilla tactics”, camping gas canisters, “photos of police and police stations”, “self-defense manuals and techniques to avoid surveillance”, “technical devices for encrypted access to wifi to render web browsing anonymous”.

In short, literature, lots of literature as per usual, while Velasco boasts about having imprisoned “GAC leaders from Madrid, Barcelona and Palencia”. The comrade from Madrid, Enrique “Kike”, accused of being the national pseudo-leader of GAC, had just been released from prison on January 30, with other co-defendants of the previous operation, Pandora. The four others made headlines as being “responsible for the financial apparatus, propaganda and direct action” of the GAC or that of “head of the GAC” in Madrid and Palencia. The state looks at its ugly face in the mirror, and onto comrades without masters or slaves, projects its own characteristics made ​​up of hierarchies, leaders and specialisation. In total, this is the third police investigation in over a year under the pretext of attacks attributed to coordinated anarchist groups, and the number of raids now stands at around thirty, with the indictments now at at least 28.

As they exited the judge’s office, a gathering of around sixty people in solidarity unfolded, at which journalists were notably singled out with shouts of “scavengers”. A new solidarity gathering was held in Madrid on Wednesday 1st April at 9pm, at the square Tirso de Molina, with a call-out that clearly states the reason: “Solidarity. Mutual Aid. Direct Action. Death to the State and long live anarchy”. During the demo yesterday [March 31st] in the same place, four people were arrested and clashes with cops resulted in twelve minor injuries (eight cops).

Neither innocent nor guilty,
Freedom for all!
For offensive solidarity!

[Translated by Squat!net from Brèves du désordre, April 1st 2015.
Sourced from the Spanish press and websites of the “movement”]

Here is the provisional address of three of the five imprisoned comrades as part of Operation Piñata (they may be transferred):

Paul Jara Cevallos
Enrique Balaguer Pérez
Javier Garcia Castro

(Prisoner Name)
Centro Penitenciario Madrid V
Apdo. Correos 200 Colmenar Viejo
Madrid Codigo Postal 28770