Prisoner Letter Writing Evening: Thursday 6th December

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Thursday 6th November will see the launch of Bristol ABC’s new Prisoner Letter Writing Evening at Kebele. Every month we will be asking people to join us for food and entertainment related to prisoner solidarity as we write letters to prisoners.

This month we will be showing a copy of “The Black Power Mixtape 1965-1975:

“The Black Power Mixtape examines the evolution of the Black Power Movement in the black community and Diaspora from 1967 to 1975. The film combines music, startling 16mm footage (lying undiscovered in the cellar of Swedish Television for 30 years), and contemporary audio interviews from leading African-American artists, activists, musicians and scholars.”

This month will also be a launch event for Bristol ABC’s new Certain Days Political Calendar 2013 which we will be distributing in the UK. Copies of the calender will be available for purchase/distribution at this event!

While we encourage people to write to a wider range of political prisoners, each month we will be focusing on one or more prisoners for various reasons (i.e. currently facing repression, recently incarcerated, birthday etc.), this month we will be focusing on the prisoners who helped put together the Certain Days Calender this year: Robert Seth Hayes, Herman Bell & David Gilbert.

Please join us from 6:30PM at Kebele (14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY) on Thursday 6th December, and every first Thursday of the month!