On this page we make available flyers, texts (mainly from ABC groups), over here we have merchandise, and on this page we have zines with info, advice, legal, security, news and solidarity.

We also suggest that for more resources you check out the very useful links on our home page, and also the ‘Prison Texts‘ page.

PDF Flyer & Leaflet Downloads and links to texts

Supporting UK prisoners leaflet – March 2012
Bristol ABC leaflet of UK pirsoners list with addresses and details

Why we do what we dowhy prisoner support
Well worth a read is this by Brighton ABC ‘The role of prisoner support groups‘ and by Bristol ABC ‘Why prisoner support is important‘.

Why support social prisoners?social prisoners
Brighton ABC’s succinct text explaining the need to support social prisoners, that is prisoners not originally sentenced for their political beliefs, but who become politicised in prison, often by their treatment by the state.

Every prisoner is a political prisonerThoughts on prisoner solidarity
2 clear texts by lifer John Bowden, ‘Thoughts on prisoner support’, and ‘Solidarity without prejudice’ which looks at the issue of social prisoners.

Tips on writing to prisonerswriting to prisoners
Brighton ABC’s helpful tips and ideas on writing to prisoners, plus other forms of support.

Bristol ABC flyerbristolabc_colorflyer
Bristol’s double-sided A6 colour promo flyer. Contact us if you want a bundle.

A short history/intro to the ABCABC_24facts
Bristol ABC’s ’24 things you should know about the ABC’ history flyer.

PDF Poster downloads

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