The Deeper They Bury Me: A Call From Herman Wallace

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We are thrilled to share with you that an interactive documentary on Herman Wallace’s life, The Deeper They Bury Me: A Call From Herman Wallace, directed by our director Angad Singh Bhalla and produced by the National Film Board of Canada  is finally now live for everyone around the world to experience and use as a tool of awareness-raising and empowerment.

It is an important time for this project to launch as the final member of the Angola Three, Albert Woodfox, continues to fight for his release from solitary confinement and from prison.

You can view the interactive documentary here:

About the Documentary

An interactive encounter with one of America’s most renowned political prisoners, The Deeper They Bury Me plunges users into the universe of Black Panther activist Herman Wallace, who was held in solitary for over 40 years at Louisiana’s notorious Angola penitentiary. Within the time allotted for a prison phone call—20 precious minutes—users navigate between his tiny cell and his dream of freedom, a fantasy home he envisions through a collaborative art project with artist Jackie Sumell. Sparse, poetic animation evokes his segregated New Orleans childhood and his courageous efforts to build community within a prison system that keeps over 2.3 million citizens behind bars.

Written and directed by Angad Singh Bhalla & Ted Biggs for Storyline Entertainment; Produced by Anita Lee for the National Film Board of Canada.