This Saturday – prisoner support info and vegan cafe

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This Saturday, 31 January, from 11am to 2pm, Bristol ABC will be cooking at and hosting Kebele’s weekly Saturday Café and Infoshop.

Come along for a late breakfast and find out what our support group does. With the world crisis escalating, and out prisons fuller than ever, the state is getting nervous and clamping down ever harder on political opposition, and getting ready to build more prisons to put us all in. More political campaigners are being jailed, we need to learn how to support them sooner rather than later.

Books, pamphlets, and loads of info: on supporting prisoners; what is wrong with prisons and the state; and the campaign against the new Titan prisons. Plus lists of UK and international prisoners of the social war – animal rights & SHAC prisoners, the Greek resistance, the Smashed EDO defendants and many more.

Why not bring a pen and write a letter of solidarity after your meal?

Kebele is at 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY. Stapleton Road station on the Severn beach line is nearby, as are buses 48 and 49. Come along and get involved with supporting prisoners, and opposing the ever-growing prison industrial complex. Until all are free!