Urgent call for support for Bristol ABC

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Thanks so much for your incredible support so far. Because of you we have been able to distribute over £55k toward supporting the KTB prisoners!

But we still need your help. There are currently 20 people in prison for the Bridewell uprising. Many of them are serving long sentences, and Ryan Roberts will be in prison until at least 2029.

The cost of providing £50 a month canteen money to 20 people is £1000 a month. On top of that we regularly buy things like clothes and books, and pay travel costs for friends and family to visit. We are down to about £2k in reserves. So we really need your continued help and support.

Our costs have been considerably increased by the need to fund visits to two prisoners who are being held in Kent. Its vital that these to people, who are serving two of the longest sentences, get support. We have been arranging visits for them every month.

We have also been giving money to help people get back on their feet when they are released from prison. With your help we can increase this support.

Please help us to reach our stretch target of £70k. Thank you so much for all your incredible solidarity so far.

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ktb-prisoner-support-fund