Active Solidarity freesheet, Jock Palfreeman, and letter writing night

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Our friends at the long running Brighton ABC group have just released the latest issue of their Active Solidarity freesheet. You can download it as a pdf here Active Solidarity_Mar10 and do pass it on.

One of the political prisoners they feature is Jock Palfreeman, whose case we featured back in December here. Jock is serving 20 years in a Bulgarian prison after defending himself against a large gang of nazis, one of whom he killed in self-defence, and wounded another. He has 2 chances of appeal to different levels of courts before his sentence is finalised. A letter just received from him in Bristol, and sent in mid-February, finds him in fine form, although when refering to the appeals he believes they are a bit of a foregone conclusion, not least because some judges were at the funeral of the nazi he killed. However since he sent that letter, matters have taken a turn for the worse for him, as revealed on his campaign website FreeJockon 19 February he was placed in complete isolation (solitary confinement), the first prisoner to be so treated. In fact he could be there for upto 2 years whilst the appeals procedure is exhausted, which is an outrageous injustice designed to intimidate prisoners from appealing miscarriages of justice. Please check the links on FreeJock here and here and get sending letters of protest on his behalf.

If you are up for supporting prisoners, be it with a one-off letter/card, or with a long-term committment to a specific prisoner, then come along to our monthly event and we can help get you started…

Prisoner support letter writing night on 10 March

Bristol ABC Prisoner Support Group welcomes you to the monthly letter writing night. Come along and send a card or letter of support to one of the many political prisoners in the UK and across the world.

Wednesday 10 March, from 7 to 9pm, at Kebele centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton BS5 6JY. Hot drinks and snacks available to share, along with paper, pens, envelopes, stamps, and of course details of prisoners and related campaigns.

As the worldwide capitalist crisis deepens, resistance increases, and this means more defendants and prisoners locked up by the state. From Greece to Chile, Canada to the UK, radical activists and campaigners are feeling the full force of the laws designed to keep the bosses and politicians in power. It is important that those locked up for their political beliefs and actions are not forgotten, and receive support from the wider movement. A small act of solidarity from you can be a ray of light for a prisoner locked up in a small cell for many hours a day.

Come along and find out what you can do to help!