Call-out for international solidarity with Marco Camenisch

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Marco Camenisch, known for his active role in the anti-nuclear movement of the 70s, has been a political prisoner for almost 20 years. As a militant green anarchist he has been taking part in struggles, campaigns and protests in and outside prison during all these years. He is currently detained in Regensdorf, near Zurich.

In two years Marco should be granted conditional release (which is the norm in the Swiss prison system). However his situation is a particular one: he’s been refused all special privileges and preparatory measures for release. The medical treatment he needs continues to be insufficient (Marco has cancer). Day releases and parole are refused on the grounds that he does not renounce his political convictions and has to many friends all over the world who might help him escape – yet having good social contacts is one of the criteria for conditional release.

The juridical authorities give the strong impression that conditional release is only granted to broken and/or conformist prisoners. This tendency can be observed with nearly all political prisoners: prisoners defending their political identity are buried alive in prison although they have served their sentence already, with the only purpose of weakening them and the progressive movements they come from, and to keep up the fear of prison. Some examples among many: Leonard Peltier in the U.S., Action Directe prisoners in France, the Basque prisoners in the Spanish state.

Together with the International Red Aid, we call for international solidarity with Marco and all long-standing prisoners in other countries. We do not want to lose the prospect of a society without prisons.

International day of action on September 18 2010.

Solidarity is a weapon!

Friends and supporters of Marco Camenisch, June 2010

To write to Marco (remember to write sender’s address):
Marco Camenisch
Postfach 3143
CH-8105 Regensdorf