Free Ebba & Karl: Animal Liberation Prisoners in Sweden

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Three activists have been sentenced in Sweden to prison for anti-fur farm actions. Ebba was sentenced to 2,6 years in prison for animal rights actions against fur (mink) farming, actions that went under the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) banner. These actions were property damage in which NO person was injured or harmed. Animal liberation is not a crime, send letters and support to her to show solidarity. Ebba is currently still in jail, and you can write to her at this adress:

Ebba Olausson
Box 3
701 40 ÖREBRO

Karl Häggroth received also 2,6 years in prison for the same kind of actions. One other activist was sentenced to 1,9 years and is waiting placement.

Karl Häggroth
Box 61
651 03 Karlstad

Please write and send support to Karl, he is in jail and has been sentenced to 2,5 years together with Ebba. Karl is a dedicated long time animal rights/anti-racist vegan activist. Send magazines and books also.

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