Freedom for Jus, Hambach Forest defender held captive in Germany

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The background to this case is the resistance to a large scale coal mining operation involving the complete clearcut of the ancient Hambacher Forest in Rhineland, Germany. Occupations in the forest have been ongoing since 2012 to prevent the destruction of the land.

From Hambach Forest blog:

7 weeks ago our comrade Jus got taken from us at the eviction of Remi’s Tower, a huge barricade build in honour of Remi Fraisse, who got killed by the freakin cops.

The first 3 weeks Jus was on hunger strike and as a reaction to that the cops told him he did not have a lawyer registered (which he had) and put him in a isolation cell, where it is hard to sleep cus they check every 15 minutes if your not dead yet by turning the lights on and off. All the letters he receives now get checked and it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for them to get to him. He is in prison for 6 weeks and was only had two visits. It is extremely difficult to arrange visits, because there has to be a interpreter at all times, and they want audio visual surveillance. Also his phone privileges are restricted to only his lawyer (even though everyone else can call whoever the fuck they want) and even about that they are being assholes.

All of that for allegedly breaking a bulldozer window, he has never touched a single individual. These charges would seldomly result into imprisonment before trial, and almost never result into such extreme measures, unless of course cooperate climate and Eco-extreme energy criminals like RWE are involved.

Now off his hunger strike, and still in fucking isolation, Jus is not permitted to join any group activities since he is considered a ‘violent offender’. He is awaiting trail, they especially kept him for not having a permanent address, even though he has one, they still do not want to let him go. We want our comrade back!

Statement from Jus out of jail:

‘As i sit, work out, and read in my cell, from one side echoes the yell of ‘sieg heil’, and ‘fuck the forest’ and threads of violence, as on the other side half of the wing erupts in ISIS related chants and slogans. A good illustration of how right wing and fundamentalist extremism is silently tolerated and even endorsed by the state, while all who appose the special interest of capitalist machine of greed and destruction, find them selfs confined and isolated . After regaining my health, following of 22 days of hunger strike, i am planning 3 prison resistance projects and i will keep you all updated.’

We would like to ask everyone to support Jus, in his struggle in jail.

You can do a couple of things:

Write him! He really likes to read and can read English and Polish. Books and magazines are not allowed, but a article on a piece of paper, or a chapter of a book is. Write him about the squat you live in, a workshop you been to, send pictures, make a drawing!

For someone so involved in environmental struggles its really hard to be cut off from news sources that you would normally have access to. So keep him updated of what is going on, to show that people care, and are still fighting the machine.

Dariusz (Jus) Brzeski 3236156
JVA Köln
Rochusstr. 350
50827 Köln

Do a solidarity action and make pictures, you can send them to:
or leave comments on our blog:

Tell the story, get involved, make a poster, visit Hambach Forst, organize benefit gig, everything helps.

We will try to keep everyone updated, also on Jus his prison resistance projects, for more info you can call the meadow phone: 0157 – 54 136 100

Burn all prisons, freedom for Jus, freedom for all prisoners!

Update Sept. 10:

The appeal against detention was rejected… Jus has to stay in prison. The court hearing is now scheduled for 2 October. Because of the appeal against detention his lawyer will now go to the District Court in Cologne. He calls the processing times and the long waits unbearable.