Germany: Hambach Forest Defender Jus Has Been Released!

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From Earth First! Newswire

After 2 and a half month pre-trial detention Hambacher forest defender and Info-shop Library person Jus has been released on Friday Oct 2, following a guilty verdict with probation for  allegedly breaking a bulldozer windshield and causing bodily harm which occurred when the driver claimed he strained his neck trying to avoid an object which according to court documents has never as much as touched him.  Yet for over 70 days, 23 of which Jus was on a hunger strike, he has been under constant observation, with mail delayed for up to a month and being heavily monitored, and now he is facing a 3 year probation with suspension of 7 month sentence this with no prior criminal record in Germany.   This treatment shows the reality of extreme energy protectionism, with green scare oppression tactics being well established and that instead of addressing pressing ecological, climate and social issues the local regime is content with progressing the militarization of law enforcement, criminalization of more and more forms of protest and maximum detention and sentencing of activists due to dubious testimonies by the employees of  the very same corporation that is wiping out regional wildlife habitats while also destabilizing the climate.

At the trial over 60 supporters were present with the trial having to be moved to a larger courtroom.  During the trial Jus spoke about the ecological destruction and climate chaos caused by RWE lignite company that goes unpunished as their employees testify in the courtroom against environmental activists who confront those issues.

After the trial Jus joined the Hambacher Forest activists in front of the courthouse for food and snacks and came back to the Hambach Forest.
Here is a statement from Jus following his release:

On the first morning of my freedom I woke up and before I even opened my eyes I was full of dread of this being another day of my confinement, intimidation and isolation, only to open my eyes and out a window of a tree house, see a panorama of trees and sky surrounding me.  During my imprisonment it was the mail that many of you have sent me, with poems, art, stickers and articles that was like these trees and birds that now surround me again.  You were a reminder of life, energy and high spirits and helped me incredibly to continue my struggle.  Thank You All!!!