Kevan Thakrar – Jury Verdict Must Stand – Self Defence is No Offence 18th Feb.

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Will the Prison Officers ever let go?

Since the 9th November 2011 the day Kevan Thakrar was acquitted by a jury of his peers of attacking three prison guards; prison officers have been calling for a retrial. Over 4,000 people have signed a misleading online petition calling for the retrial of Kevan. 56 serving prison officers, 1 serving prison governor and 1 serving police office, have publically signed the petition. Accusations of jury nobbling in the trial began to circulate in January, an investigation by CPS/police found there were no grounds whatsoever to indicate there had been any interference But who started the rumours leave it up to yourselves to guess who!

Media in the north of England, Chronicle / Journal / Sunday Sun/The Advertiser/Sunderland Echo, have been relentless in promoting the prison officers. All have been written to, giving Kevan’s side of the story, using only court transcripts, not one of the papers has printed a single line.

Many of the papers, showed pictures of injuries the prison officers had received; but when they were sent pictures of brutal assault on Kevan for publication, publication was refused on the grounds that the pictures were too horrific!

Kevan feels strongly that the hostility of serving prison officers and the constant media witch-hunt is preventing his progress out of the notorious Close Supervision Centre at HMP Woodhill.

Kevan has requested that his letter below should be distributed far and wide.


Kevan Thakrar – Jury Verdict Must Stand – Self Defence is No Offence

Following my unanimous Not Guilty verdict at Newcastle Crown Court for attempted murder x 2 and GBH section 18 x 3 against Frankland prison staff, by a jury of 12 white British members of the general public, I have been hearing a lot about how this was due to me suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Although it is correct to say that due to the serious gang attack I sustained whilst on remand at HMP Woodhill on 31 May 2008 that I do indeed have PTSD, the reason why I am innocent of any assault on Frankland prison staff is because I acted in self-defence.

Had I not defended myself, I would have suffered life-threatening injuries in a pre-planned racist attack. Staff at Frankland had taken exception to the assistance I was providing to victims of assault by staff in the segregation unit and decided my time was up.  How dare I report staff criminality to the police!

The actual tipping point came when I wrote to Durham MP Roberta Blackman-Woods.  I asked for her assistance in putting a stop to the racial attacks by staff and culture of criminality which was being covered up by a code of silence.  The help Roberta Blackman-Woods MP gave me was to send a copy of my letter to the governor of Frankland (thank youŠ) who then had enough.

Unfortunately I was still almost killed after I defended myself.  The Durham police have attempted to cover this up and I am yet to see any of the media report these real facts.

The Prison Service, which feels embarrassed by this whole situation, has kept me locked away in the isolation unit of the Close Supervision Centre at HMP Woodhill.  For two years now, the psychological warfare has included stopping all communications to friends and family through mail and phone, and non-stop aggression.  I am an innocent man, wrongly imprisoned in the first place, and proven to be innocent of the false allegations made by corrupt prison staff – am I really worth £250,000 of taxpayers’ money?

I am sure everyone can understand my safety in prison from corrupt, criminal prison staff is now much harder to ensure. It must be difficult for Prison Service management to find a safe location for me to progress through my wrongful sentence, so I wait with anticipation to see where they will move this innocent man to.

It is a sorry state of affairs made worse by the pathetic lies coming from the corrupt prison officers’ camp in order to increase the possibility of compensation.  Surely the time has come for the oppressors to give up with their unjust acts and recognise that the 12 members of the jury saw the truth.  The time has come to move on and learn from mistakes made on all sides; attempts to spin more lies, half-truths and misrepresentations to cover up the racist, sadistic nature of the Prison Service institution help no-one.

The jury were unanimous: I acted in lawful self-defence using reasonable threat against the threat posed.  The way forward is to seek to eliminate that threat so no other prisoners have to experience the torture and no innocent bystanders get burned by the fire which the corrupt staff continue to fuel.  A ‘rehabilitation revolution’ can never occur until an independent body is tasked with rooting out these problems and is paid for every corrupt official exposed.

Stop the rhetoric; it’s 2012 – let’s step into the future, not fall back into the past.

Kevan Thakrar, Saturday 18th February 2012

Kevan Thakrar
HMP Woodhill
Tattenhoe Street
Milton Keynes

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