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From Bristol Indymedia: Original Message

On Wednesday 21st March people from Bristol gathered to show solidarity with imprisoned Comrade Luciano Tortuga. This demonstration was called to coincide with the call-out for a Global Week of Solidarity starting on Tuesday 20th March.

Around 15-20 people gathered outside Bristol Central Library early in the morning with leaflets and a banner which read: “Solidarity! Luciano Tortuga! ¡Viva La Lucha En Chile!” The intended target was the Chilean Consulate in Bristol, which was located just a few streets away. After much confusion we discovered the Consulate, but were dismayed to find it only to be a small flat in a block of flats, on a narrow alleyway with no foot traffic.

Disappointed, people left. There were no attempts made to take a photograph of the demonstration at this point. The group wandered off and we began to think of other viable targets in the town centre which we could visit instead. Sadly nobody made the obvious connection between Luciano’s case and Santander bank, which has a branch in Bristol City Centre.

People left the demonstration and decided to go and join another protest that had been called in town for that same day. The group ended up forming a protest outside the local hospital against the recent privatisation of the national health service, which had happened the previous night.

People from the solidarity demo did later visit a film screening and infonight about the Chilean Struggle where the banner could be displayed and the leaflets handed out to people at the event.

Apologies for the lateness of this report. We would like to say sorry to Luciano and all other Chilean comrades for not posting this sooner.

In Solidarity.