Prisoner support list for November

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The updated November 2010 list of UK & international political prisoners welcoming support.

Here is our latest updated monthly prisoner support list to download:
open office doc version: Prisoners list_Nov 2010
pdf version: Prisoners list_Nov 2010

Why not forwards the list to your local groups & campaigns, or print copies off to leave at work and with friends? Remember they are inside for us and we are outside for them.

There are a number of changes since last month, including additions, updates and some prisoners are free! We have also added in more website links to the text so you can follow them for further and/or more detailed info, with quite a few in foreign languages. As ever we welcome further verifiable updates or additions of political prisoners welcoming support.

We are also in the process of changing our blog, by removing a few pages, but adding others that we hope will provide more useful information and support resources. We are also amending our blogroll (links – right hand of front page). New blog pages coming soon include:
ABC history
Activist Security
Prison Texts

October artwork from the calendar - 'free political prisoners'

Finally we continue to sell and distro the 2011 Certain Days Freedom For Political Prisoners Calendar. If you are forced to interact with the consumer nightmare known as xmas, why not get this as an alternative gift for family & friends, and show them where you stand on political prisoners? Or get a copy anyway cos its great and supports important causes! You can buy it direct in Bristol from us, Kebele Infoshop and Harvest Foods on Gloucester Rd. You can also get if by post from us for £7.50 and online too for the same price. Full calendar details and how to buy are here.