Sean Swain: To Rebels, Insurrectionists, and Hacktivists Everywhere

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A letter from anarchist prisoner Sean Swain.

I’m ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard, but I’m still swinging with all that I’ve got. I gave the state an ultimatum: reinstate my communications or I’ll refuse blood pressure meds – which will lead to heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm. The state hasn’t budged and neither have I. I’m now out of meds and facing a spike in blood pressure. If I die I hope everyone reading this holds the same people responsible for my death as I do.

Odds aren’t so good that I’m going to live through this no matter how it stacks up. My website is in a state of transition, my access to the radio show is essentially cut off, and it feels like I’ve been obliterated beyond prison fences.

I dropped the federal civil rights action. Fuck the hierarch courts. I’m now relying entirely on the potential of rebels, insurrectionists, and hacktivists to develop methods of direct action to drive this common enemy to its knees.

State terrorists now have home addresses posted at These are State agents and collaborators who have employed a program of torture and ideological targeting. So, just to be clear – this isn’t about me. I’m aware I’m not that important. In fact, by the time this is circulated, I may have already sputtered out. This is about a common enemy, those who serve the forces of non-freedom, and a real opportunity for those of us who envision a future that’s not under their control to send clear a message : Those who maintain the program and dig the mass grave will pay for what they’ve done.

And again, in my own situation, this does not begin and end with prison officials. In legal documents, prison officials made clear that they were taking their marching orders from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI. I don’t know what field office or what agents, but whoever they are, I think it’s important that they find out the rude way that they can be found too.

Just for the purpose of setting out what I think to be a healthy orientation, if the FBI can come after us, we can go after them. And we should. They have home addresses. They have personal vehicles.

Imagine what this can evolve into… disrupting their personal communications like cellphones… hacking into their personal systems…stealing their identities and destroying their credit… probing their government databases and melting them down… all while their cars burn…and their homes…and they tremble in fear in the Kroger parking lot when a stranger a stranger asks them for a light, because a coworker was knee-capped with a baseball bat when stopping for a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread on the way home from work…

We might make minor promises in exchange for meeting demands, but our ultimate demand is for a future without these fuckweasels running it.

And we attack, wherever we are, whatever our situation, until we get the world we deserve. We’re not going to vote them out or petition them out or protest them out or sue them out.

We know that if the means you employ do not require you to wear a ski mask or its electronic equivalent, your just not serious.

We’re serious.

If I’m already dead by the time this gets out, I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has extended my life in struggle, and to everyone who continues that struggle.

Gasoline is cheap. Matches are free.

We own the future. And it’s time to make them know it.

Stay dangerous,



Post Script from An Outside Rebel:

In order to place the above statement from Sean in some context, I would like to explain some of what’s been going on in Sean’s life in the last few months.

Sean has been off his blood pressure medication for about a month now. During his last med strike he hid his meds and secretly took them until he was moved to a special cell and placed under “medical observation.” In this new cell, he was watched at all times by pigs and medical staff via a surveillance camera pointed at the cell. At this point, he was actually, for real, was not taking his meds. During this time he experienced a blood pressure spike, which he says is “really uncomfortable, makes you want to crawl out of your own skin.”

While under medical observation, Sean made sign language messages to the camera in an attempt to communicate with those observing him. In response, his cell lights were turned off. Presumably, this was done to stop his ability to communicate, or crush his spirit or whatever. We don’t think like pigs so we can’t really tell you.

Sean then faked a heart attack. Those observing him did not respond in any way.

From this episode, Sean drew many conclusions. When observing the ODRC’s active medical negligence, for instance, one could easily draw the conclusion that they would prefer Sean dead.

A few months ago Sean attempted to send some rather incendiary messages through his Jpay account (the privatized prison email system) that related to the CEO of Jpay, Ryan Shapiro. He recieved a 60 day suspension of his Jpay usage. However, in practice this was a more universal shutdown and harassment of his communications. Many of his letters in and out were delayed by several weeks. He was and still is denied use of the telephone. Not only this, but it has been well beyond 60 days since his Jpay communications were suspended and they haven’t been reinstated. At the same time, he’s had two people who support him get upset at his tactics and stop talking to him. On top of all this his parents are aging and both experienced injuries during this time.

He’s expressed that he feels like the state is using him as a weapon against those that he loves. He seems very resolved about following through with this action.

If you have strong feelings about this situation, if you yourself are very resolved, now would be the time to act.