Solidarity Campaign for Mauricio Hernández Norambuena

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“We have to be non-sectarian when it comes to fighting for the rights
and freedom of the victims of prison state slavery. Our policy must be
that we will work with and for any prisoner and prison support group, if
they will work in sincerity and unity with us. We do this so as to
obtain the widest possible mobilization on the part of the people in
support of the prison movement and the cases of political/class war
prisoners.” Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin…/

Mauricio Hernández Norambuena is one of the most significant
oppositors to the chilean military dictatorship first and, later, to the
“democratic” transition guided by the same dictator Pinochet (till his
death). Mauricio Hernández Norambuena today is suffering the 5038day
of an inhuman detention regime, that is to say 95.06 times what
Washington Olivetto, the victim of the offence for which Mauricio is
jailed, suffered during his kidnapping.

In 1976, during the dictatorship, Mauricio was a Communist Party
militant, while in 1983 he was one of the founders of the Manuel
Rodríguez Patriotic Front (FPMR), an organization borned as the military
organization of the Communist Party that later developed its own
authonomy to fight and defeat the dictatorship on the military plan.

Mauricio was condemned many times in Chile as intellectual and material
author of many actions developed by his own organization and he was
arrested in 1993. Freed from prison in 1996 thanks to an operation of
his organization, he was arrested in 2002 in Brasil for the kidnapping
of a company manager and he was condemned to 30 years of prison.

For almost 14 years, Mauricio Hernández Norambuena has beensuffering an inhuman prison regime that violates all the “Standard
Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners
”, adopted by the First
Congress of the United Nations about the Prevention of Crime and the
Treatment of Offenders

  • A cell 3×2 meters, bathroom included.
  • Two hours a day in a tightened courtyard.
  • Visits just of his brothers and systers, for 3 hours a month.
  • No access to newspapers, TV, radios, etc..
  • Just a book a week.
  • No contact with other prisoners.

The aim of this website it to make know his situation, denounce the
Human Rights violation promoted by the Brasilian Government
, speed up
the Brasilian Authorities to an humanitarian act by the repatriation of
Mauricio Hernández Norambuena to Chile, (the Chilean Government has
already presented an extradition request to the Brasilian Authorities).

The Brasilian Government in 2002 destroyed the lager of the Carandiru
(2nd of October in 1992, 111 prisoners killed by its security forces)
and replaced it by many modern prisons where the physic torture is
replaced by the psicological torture. *Stop the Human Rights violations
of the Brasilian Government Now !!! *

Write to Mauricio Hernández Norambuena NOW !Mauricio Hernández Norambuena
Penitenciária Federal em Porto Velho/RO
Av. Presidente Dutra, 2701 – Caixa Postal 521
Porto Velho/RO – CEP 76801-974