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Svyatoslav Baranovich is an active resident of Minsk who was detained on
October 2, 2017 on suspicion of using violence against a policeman. On
March 15, 2017 a group of anarchists joined the march against the tax on
unemployment. At the end of the demonstration, plain-cloth police tried
to detain a few activists when the bloc was hopping to get on a
trolley-bus. Ordinary people who stood nearby started pushing with cops
trying to not let them make arrests. Svyatoslav Baranovich was one of
them and punched a cop. The cops’ attack was successfully repelled, but
a few stops later all anarchists were detained in the same trolley. You
might have heard of the story of violent detentions and arrests of 15
days for all activists.

Svyatoslav admitted his guilt and said he knew he was attacking a
policeman, though the latter hadn’t been wearing any uniform. On March
12, 2018 Svyatoslav was sentenced to 3 years of prison.

It’s also known that he has been participating in the protests against
elections in 2010, where he got into a fight with SWAT officers who were
attacking protesters. He received 3 years of house arrest for that
because at that point Belarus was put under sanctions and Lukashenko had
to set free many politicals or change the punishment to a milder one.

Today we are calling you to support this consistent antipolice fighter
who got in trouble showing solidarity with anarchists. We don’t know
anything about his politics, but this is enough for us to support him.
We call you to send him greetings and donate to pay for his appeal and
food parcels.

Bitcoin кошелек: 1CcxWEswKjXZgXQCds5KcHfemzrAAS Vbuv

Paypal account: or

European Bank Account: upon request

This list is not final and will be updated with new possibilities from
now on. We will notify you on the main page about new means of donations.

Please notify us through email about your transaction so we can confirm
it and avoid any money loss. Thank you for your support of ABC activity
and our comrades in prisons.

Details of contact information can be found at “About us” page,
including our pgp key.
Write to Svyatoslav to:

SIZO-1, ul. Volodarskogo 2, k. 50
222050, Minsk
Baranovich Svyatoslav Vladimirovich