Surround Yarl’s Wood – Detention Centres – Shut ’em Down!

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Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre

MK41 6 Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

The demonstrations and resistance inside Yarl’s Wood have been the most important fight in Britain for women’s rights and for immigrants rights, because they have been inspiring – because the people in this struggle are fighting to win the most basic of demands as human beings.

The next National Demonstration at Yarl’s Wood is for ALL those held like cattle in the UK’s detention system around the country. For ALL looking to break out from under the shadow of detention. It is for ALL those at the borders of Europe challenging the cynical leaders a demanding in real life the promise of democracy and freedom, of which sanctuary is fundamental.

The MFJ, and our friends and allies around the country organising for justice and equality and fighting racism, we have been breaching the walls and fences of detention centres, reaching inside with chants of FREEDOM. Our detainees friends, partners in struggle, though locked up have made their voices ring out.

This growing optimistic, powerful, militant movement presents optimism for our societies and our future. The next demo must be huge.
We need the help of every single person who was cheered by the Freedom Marchers who were ready to march the 100 miles to Germany, and by their determination brought down the resistance of the state.

The oppressed can’t wait for the permission of the rich and powerful to claim freedom and safety – power concedes nothing without a demand. We must build a movement, organise and lead, speaking the plain truth about racism and unafraid of the power of the oppressed, and we can win change.