Worsening conditions for Kevin after terrorism charges

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For the initial days following the July 10th AETA indictment, Kevin was still being held in general population at Vandalia Correctional Center. As of July 17th, however, he was moved into segregational custody at the prison. Since then, he’s had almost no contact with the outside world, aside from one letter he was able to send and phone calls with attorneys.

Between information gathered from talking to prison officials and Kevin’s lawyers, and the letter he sent on July 17th (which was received today), we know this:


  • He has no phone or visitation privileges.
  • He has no commissary privileges.
  • He is being denied writing materials.
  • He is being denied showers.
  • The Feds have pulled him from the college program he was enrolled in, making him ineligible for early release (the classes he’s been taking for the last four months count towards nothing).
  • All of his belongings were sent to the warden’s office for disposition. The reason stated was that he had “excess property” (37 books, 14 bags of instant coffee, and 110 stamped envelopes).
  • On July 23rd, he will be transported to Stateville to await arraignment on July 29th. After that, he will likely be held in the custody of IDOC, meaning he’ll return to Stateville until they move him into a new Illinois prison (probably a medium security facility, although which one remains to be seen) where he’ll finish out his state sentence.
  • A bail hearing should be scheduled soon, but we still don’t know the date. If Kevin can bail (or bond) out, he’ll serve the rest of his sentence in Illinois and be released in November, free at least while the federal case is being worked.


Despite all this, Kevin made it a point in his letter to say he wants everyone to know he’s keeping strong. He says there’s a window across the hall from his cell…and that he’s watching the birds.

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Please send Kevin a letter of support:

Kevin Johnson, M42382
Danville Correctional Center
3820 E. Main St.
Danville, IL 61834

Tyler Lang was released from state custody in November 2013. He is currently out on bond awaiting arraignment on the federal charges.