4STRUGGLE issue 14 available now on-line

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Toronto ABCF is proud to announce that Issue 14 of 4strugglemag is now online!
Check it out at www.4strugglemag.org.

Help keep this project going! Paper copies of each issue are sent to over 200 prisoners, at no cost to them. Get a “solidarity subscription” – one full year of issues for yourself AND for a prisoner for only $30. Or, make a one-time donation to subsidize the costs of photocopying and postage. Donate online or contact us at torontoabcf@gmail.com.

Once again we have brought you some sharp, revolutionary analysis, opinion and information from the hearts, minds and lives of some of America’s long held political prisoners, along with other rebel voices. Issue 14 has 4 sections. Section one is on ‘War, Imperialism and Resistance.’ The lead article on ‘Afghanistan and Obama,’ is followed by information on ‘The Black is Back Coalition and March.’ This new formation may be just what the freedom struggle needs right now – check it out and see what you think. We also have a firsthand account from the streets of Pittsburgh during the G20 gathering.
Section two is ‘Theory and Practice,’ which begins with some analysis of the lumpen proletariat. The ‘Prison Round Trip’ and Bill Dunne’s introduction to this long piece discuss urban guerrillas and prison.
The third section, ‘Prison Struggle and Political Prisoners’ is the longest and has lots of information, updates and bios on u.s. political prisoners. There are other articles like the ‘Invisibility of Women’s Prison Resistance,’ the ‘Survivors Manual’ for seg/control unit prisoners, and a ‘Round-up’ of the RDTW’s runs that you will want to read. We also offer up other goodies – poems and some book suggestions, which would make very good xmas and holiday gifts.
With the approaching holidays/New Year, let me send Kwanzaa and Red Season’s Greetings to all my political prisoners comrades, to revolutionary prisoners everywhere and to all freedom fighters, activists, radicals and protectors of our Earth. There is a lot of work to do and we have a brand New Year coming up in which to do it!
See you all in issue 15 – out in March 2010. We will be out before International Women’s Day, and issue 15 will feature the struggles of women – sisters in particular. Send us your words!
Freedom is a constant struggle,
Jaan Laaman, editor