ACTION ALERT: Get Samantha to hospital after her heart attack

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Samantha Faulder is a long-term prisoner at HMP Eastwood Park. She recently lost her life-partner, Taylor. 

She has now had a suspected heart attack in prison but has not been taken to hospital. Please contact the prison to demand she is taken to hospital ASAP, her life depends on it.

Sam has had two previous heart attacks in the last 3 years. She uses an angina spray and is awaiting valve replacement surgery. In this recent attack, she had debilitating chest pain, nausea, lost control of her bladder and was unable to move to press her buzzer and call for help. When she was finally found, prison healthcare staff did not call an ambulance. All they did was an ECG and checked her blood pressure. The nurse informed her that HMP Eastwood Park had missed two previous cardiology appointments with the local hospital. They have told Sam she will go for an appointment ‘soon’ in the coming weeks but did not specify when. They did not acknowledge the severity of her symptoms and were dismissive and neglectful. 

An NHS doctor has informed us that it is essential she is taken to hospital ASAP so that they can urgently: 

– identify myocardial ischemia changes to see if they need to start treatment  

– see if there is a troponin rise to know if she actually had a myocardial infarction, which again needs treatment 

She cannot afford to wait for these vital assessments. She deserves equal access to healthcare,the same as anyone else. 

Demand HMP Eastwood Park takes Samantha Faulder to hospital ASAP! No more deaths in prison! 

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