Bristol Defendant Solidarity

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Bristol ABC has agreed to host a page for Bristol Defendant Solidarity. Here’s the intro to the page:

Bristol Defendant Solidarity
Bristol arrestee support first made an appearance in late 2010 providing support and advice by phone & email during/after the student protests. Now following the Stokes Croft resistance of April 2011 the Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) has been formed, incorporating and building upon the work of arrestee support. BDS involves a number of activists with experience of arrests, police station and court processes, suing the cops, and legal, defendant & prisoner support.

BDS understands the need for clear unconditional support for all those facing arrest/court hearings and the police and media hysteria following the incidents of Stokes Croft resistance:
“Were you arrested at or after the recent unrest in Stokes Croft? Do you think the police might be looking for you? Do you have friends in trouble? Or fear they may be? Bristol Arrestee Support is a group of local people committed to offering support & help to anyone arrested or facing charges.”
Contact: or ring Sam Elliot on 07746741104

BDS is building a file of known arrests and upcoming court dates, legal info, useful solicitors and more. Court cases are being monitored and support offered to defendants. Get in touch with BDS if you have info, need help, or can offer support.

Read the full page here.