Hunger Strike in Cárcel de Alta Seguridad (Chile)

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October 26th 2011 - Prisoners on the
second and third floors of the H
wing of the Cárcel de Alta
Seguridad took action and started an
indefinite liquid hunger strike. 

This mobilisation has come about
because of the failure of the screws
to comply with past agreements and
the constant harassment of prisoners, as
well as their friends and families.
This is a spontaneous action by 24
prisoners, that is born from the
urgency of their situation.

This list of demands alone explains the daily conditions under which people must survive in the dungeon like prison:

The demands:
(1) End to 2 month punishments in
the Maximum Security Prison
(2) Transfers and support returning
prisoners to their homes.
(3) Treat prisoner with dignity. An
end to the humiliating treatment of
visitors upon arrival.
(4) Respect visiting hours -
starting at 10am and ending at 5pm.
(5) The possibility of attending
and organising workshops. Better
commissary food. 

The voices of those who now risk
their lives is not enough... there
must also be an escalation of acts
of solidarity.

Down Jails!
While there will be misery...
Solidarity is a weapon, load it
and shoot!

Marcelo Villarroel Support Network
(Red de Apoyo a Marcelo Villarroel)
You can read the text in Spanish