Message from Kev Thakrar inside CSC Woodhill about assassination attempt by screws.

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Today, Tuesday 31 July 2012, the cretinous senior officer of the Close Supervision Centre, Andy Bailey, and his minions, attempted to take advantage and manipulate the lunatic prisoner Danny Walker, into murdering me.

These fools encouraged Walker into creating a weapon, which he did, and stabbing me in the neck with it whilst unlocked together. Obviously Walker didn’t execute the plan, maybe because his weapon was 2 pencils sharpened and strapped together and he knew it wouldn’t be that simple. But the fact remains, Bailey tried to have me assassinated.

Now that Walker and others have informed me of this, I have been forced into even further isolation ‘for my own safety’ by Bailey. Now I can’t even move on the landing at the same time as loons like Walker. Funny, my ‘safety’ wasn’t an issue when Walker was allowed to follow me into the interview room armed and close the door…

The cowards aren’t able to kill me with the media watching, but talking a mental patient into it seems to be their solution for my exposure of the corruption within the prison service, which will undoubtedly lead to a call for more staff needed!

For everyone reading, if anytime in the future you hear of my death within prison, please remember that it has been caused by the prison service, no matter how it may be made to look. Unless that day comes, I will continue to reveal the evil clandestine ways of British prisons.


His mother asks that people write to the governor to complain:

Nigel Smith (Governor)
HMP Woodhill
Tattenhoe street
Milton Keynes