Solidarity with migrant woman detained in Yarl’s Wood detention centre

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Please forward widely

Prisoners at Yarl’s Wood immigration prison organised a hunger strike in February this year. They demanded an end to indefinite and abusive imprisonment. The hunger strike lasted five weeks, despite violent attacks by guards at the detention centre. During the hunger strike prisoners were forced into an outside yard and beaten.

Yarl's Wood Detention Centre has been on the spot this year for its treatment of children detained

Strikers forced the government to respond to their demands. Several prisoners were later released. But several prisoners were moved to prison as retribution for the protests. Many are still being held including Denise McNeil who is currently imprisoned in HMP Holloway. During the strike she spoke to journalists about the reasons for striking She was moved to Holloway prison for her part in the protests.

She would like people to write to her at

Denise McNeil WT4009 HMP Holloway London.