Update on international hunger strike

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Update on the hungerstrike (translated from Italian): “Around 7 people were arrested and 2 “Carabineros” injured at a demo in Santiago, Chile. According to Chilean press there were around 70 people at the demo, which was organised in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Europe and Chile itself. 2 Chilean anarchists, Matías Castro and Pablo Carvajal, are under “preventative arrest” since September after an arson attack at a police station and have both joined the hunger strike. The “Carabineros” Special Force intervened to stop the demo and 2 of them were injured. Buildings and cars were also damaged.

To my knowledge, pickets outside jails will be taking place in the next few days and New Year’s Eve in Italy and Switzerland in solidarity with the strikers and all prisoners.”
And here is a later update at the end of the stike.