Prison Poem by Mariella

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Mariella is a woman of colour serving 5.5 years for riot after the Kill The Bill demonstration in Bristol in March 2021. Learn more about what happened here. This is a poem sent to us …

Letter for the International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 2022 by imprisoned anarchist Toby Shone

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From: “Does this rising generation know that those who inaugurated the 8 hour day were put to death at the command of Capital?”Lucy Parsons, The Haymarket Martyrs, November 1926 “Although we are not reformists, …

RIP Taylor

R.I.P Taylor – Rage is our weapon 

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Content warning – suicide (graphic), prison, violence, self harm, abuse, homophobia, transphobia Translations of this statement We are very grateful to comrades across the world who are translating the statement. Castelán – Galego German …